Bases of Faith (Emunah)

Bases of Faith (Emunah)

This site is the total responsibility of Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem , an independent Nazarene Unitarian Messianic Jewish Ministry. and of the Rabbi Yosef Ben Marques.


If you are Jewish, we do not wish to proselytize to you

The publishers of this Web Site recognize the extensive damage done to the Jewish people over the centuries by attempts to convert them to Christianity. We do not support any of these missionary activities, either historically or currently. If you are Jewish, we do not wish to proselytize, to persuade you to accept any of our beliefs, or to influence you to abandon your historic and correct faith.

Rather, we strive to influence non-Jews to return to the Hebraic Roots of the Original One True Faith, to Jewish Halachah, to Rabbinic authority, and to Torah


Bases of Faith (Emunah)

We the Worlwide Elohei Kedem Ministry and our Congregation: Kehila Elohei Kedem Caracas, follow the following guidelines of emunah (faith):

1 – We believe that we are Jews by faith by the promise given to Abraham (Romans 4:9-11;) Galatians 3:29)), and strict observant of the Torah (Joshua 1:8), fulfilling all the commandments and ordinances and decrees given by YHWH: the one trueElohim (a single unit not Trinity), urging others to comply with them.

2- We believe in the 13 principles of Jewish faith 

          1. YHWH created and runs the world, only Him, does, and will do all the facts.
2. YHWH, does not make an eartly bodyl (Isaiah 40:18, 25), do not reach the corporales influence, and nothing is comparable to Him.
3. That the Creator has no body and no form.
4. YHWH is the beginning and eternity (Deuteronomy 33:27).
5. YHWH is worth doing tefilah and no one to ask out of it.
6. All words of our prophets are true.
7. The prophecy of Moshe Rabbeinu is true (Numbers 12: 8) and he was the father of the prophets of all time (Exodus 25:22).
8. The Torah we have is the same that was given to Moshe Rabbeinu (Psalm 119: 18; Numbers 16:28).
9. That this Torah will not be changed and no there is not other Almighty (Deuteronomy 13: 1).
10. YHWH knows everything the person does and knows all his thoughts (Jeremiah 32:19).
11. YHWH reward well those who fulfill their mitzvot and punishes those who transgress its precepts (Exodus 32:32).
12. That the Messiah will come. And although we hope every day delay arrival.
13. The dead will be resurrected when the will of the Almighty wants it.

3 – We believe that Yeshua is Mashiach of Israel (Isaiah 11), born of his biological father Yosef, of the lineage of Jesse (Isaiah 11:1-2 / Romans 1:3). Yeshua Ha Mashiach is divine in nature because he is the son of Elohim (Matthew 26:63), but it is not Elohim, knowing that “the fullness of the deity resides physically” in him (Colossians 2:9)(John 1:14).

Yeshua came to heal our wounds and our sins (exodus 23:20-21 and Isaiah 53:3-12) and meet with our Elohim through him (Romans 10:9-10). He will come to the end of time (Revelation 1:7), and we hope every day your arrival is our priest by always (Hebrews 7:4), and is seated at the right hand of YHWH our Elohim (Hebrews 10:12).

4 – We believe in Ruaj has Kodesh, the spirit of Elohim, their presence (Genesis 1:2;6:3).

5- We believe that we are “the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matthew 15:24; 10: 5-6).

6- We respect other religious currents, yet we are not ecumenical (2 Corinthians 6: 14-18), or inter-religious.

7- We express love and unconditional support to Israel and to all Jews, and recognize them as the chosen people of God (John 4:22). And We do not proselytize to the jewish people.

Note: We respect and love to all those who, with sincere love, seek and follow Yeshua the Messiah, to the Jewish people and the State of Israel; but we are not Christians or evangelicals, Christians or Jews dresses.


We are Jews by faith, observant of the Torah, which we accept Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel (not God-man).


We cannot agree with the Organization “Jews for Jesus” because they seek to convert Jews and assimilate them to Christianity. We have sought the preservation of the Jewish identity.
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